Situated in the heart of Tuscany, between Florence and Pisa, Poggiotondo's wines are a pure expression of the Chianti region. Alberto and Alessandra Antonini, following the principles of organic agricultures, grow their vineyards in a natural and balanced environment. The goal is making wines with a strong sense of place, wines that become a symbol of a respected and given territory.
The Chianti region

In between Florence and Pisa, in the Chianti region, located close to the Montalbano mountain and the Tirrenian sea, Poggiotondo is immerse in an ancient farming landscape with biodiversity context: vineyards, olive trees, figs tree, old fruit plants, very ancient oak trees, cypress, bushes of raspberries and blackberries and gorse for an exceptional natural beauty.

The soil has a marine origin as we can see from the presence of limestone fossils (sea shells) and its composition varies from a more sandy to a more silty clayed limestone. Its origin and the presence of limestone is important for the wine quality because its giving to it energy, vitality and tension that are definying the character of our wines.
Organic Agricolture

We follow a traditional vineyard management. Without the use of any syntectic chemicals, we have a better fruit quality, character and very likely longevity of centuries of the vineyards themselves.
Our focus is to have an alive soil with a natural balanced fertilty, we can achieve that making sure that we have an active microbiology which is responsable to guarantee a good fertility.
We feed the microbs keeping in the soil a good level of biomass, doing cover crop between the rows and returning to the soil, after composting for a few months, the stems and the pomace from the winery.
Natural Winemaking

Our mission is making terroir driven wines; the making of wine is coherent with the principles we apply in the vineyards: we use concrete tanks for fermentation, and we age the wines in large untoasted oak casks as well as in concrete tanks. We aren't using any commercial product like yeasts, nutrients, enzymes or cleaning agents, but only hot water and some sulphur, we like having a winery plenty of life where all the microbiology coming from the vineyards can find a nice home to live and do his job.
The organic extra vergin olive oil is produced from olive trees naturally grown in our estate. The olive grove is planted to Frantoio and Mignola, the latter variety grown only in the area of Cerreto Guidi, is very small in size and intense in aroma and flavors.
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